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Organic Granular Actigrow

FOB Price: 10 USD / Kilogram
Actigrow organic granular fertilizers provide the plant with all essential nutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, and other micro nutrients required for plant growth, all from 100% natural ingredients. Actigrow acts as a soil conditioner and is suitable for removing toxins from the soil owing to the bio-char content; its higher surface area provides a good environment for microbes to grow and retains nutrients, which is essential to maximize plant growth. Thanks to the granular nature of Actigrow, it is very easy to distribute nutrients evenly throughout the field.
Brand: Summer Safe Crop (SSC Fertilizer)
Place of Origin: Sri Lanka
Minimum Order Quantity: as cx req
Seller: summer safe crop

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Perennial crops (long term crops)

Coconut - 30kg once per year /per plant

Other Crops - 10kg once per year/ per plant



How To Apply

Apply at the time of bed preparation

If already planted or bed prepared, apply near the seed or plant. After apply cover from the soil

Strongly recommended not to apply on the naked ground

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Port: colombo
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Seller: summer safe crop     [View Seller Profile]

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Country: Sri Lanka