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Bio Liquid Microbooster

FOB Price: 8 USD / Liter
Microbooster liquid bio-fertilizer is a combination of beneficial microbes that naturally fix N P K content in the soil and provides the key nutrients required for plant growth. The secretion of growth hormones and enzymes maximizes plant yield. Microbooster is 100% natural solvent and is not harmful to soil, animals, or humans.
Brand: Summer Safe Crop (SSC Fertilizer)
Place of Origin: Sri Lanka
Minimum Order Quantity: as per cx Req
Seller: summer safe crop

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Perennial crops (long term crops)

3 months interval

2 liters per acre

Up to 3 months crops

Establishment one week

Establishment four weeks


250 ml – 16 liters tank

How To Apply

Apply on the soil, not to the leaves.

Apply when the soil is moist.

After application, mulching is required.

Use a separate tank or clean the tank at least 3 times with the soap if it is used for agrochemicals.

Store in a cool, dry place

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Port: colombo
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Seller: summer safe crop     [View Seller Profile]

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Country: Sri Lanka