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Cassava Chips - Salt & Pepper

FOB Price: 0.55 USD / Pack (Negotiable)
Are you craving for a tasty Sri Lankan cassava chips which comes along healthy too. Then look no further, with Rancrisp Salt & Pepper cassava chips to fulfil your cravings that cater to all taste buds. Made from finest ingredients, Rancrisp Salt & Pepper cassava chips are crispy and taste light to your palate that gives you a treat anytime of the day. Whether you want chips to complement your lunch or as a late afternoon snack, Rancrisp Salt & Pepper cassava chips give you the perfect way to brighten your day!
Brand: Rancrisp
Place of Origin: Sri Lanka
Certification: ISO 22000:18000, BRC
Minimum Order Quantity: 2400
Seller: Rancrisp

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Shelf Life: 01 Year

Storage Condition: Normal / Ambient

Size: 24 packs x 100g

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Seller: Rancrisp     [View Seller Profile]

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Country: Sri Lanka