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Burnt Cashew

FOB Price: 2 USD / Pack (Negotiable)
Thousands of years ago, homo sapiens invented fire, resulting in a monumental change in the consumption of food. The gift of fire was valued by the whole of humanity, and the food processed with fire is always a pleasing sight. Burnt/ roasted cashews are the most popular variety of all cashew flavors, enjoyable on its own or as a quick snack mix. Also used as a flavor addition to desserts and baking goods, burnt cashews are widely consumed all over the world. Preserving the natural taste of cashews, Rancrisp has invented our own method of burning cashews, to produce the most crispy, toothsome snacks for you while adding no further flavoring substances. We're proud to introduce ourselves as the Pioneers of introducing the burnt cashews to Sri Lanka, while maintaining the finest quality and taste.
Brand: Rancrisp
Place of Origin: Sri Lanka
Certification: ISO 22000:18000
Minimum Order Quantity: 25
Seller: Rancrisp

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Shelf Life: 02 Years

Storage Condition: Normal / Ambient

Sizes: 100g(pack)

Processing Time: 1 week
Port: Colombo
Supplier Ability: 1000
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Country: Sri Lanka