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Tender King Coconut Water

FOB Price: 1.5 USD / Box
The king coconut is a variety of coconut that is indigenous to Sri Lanka. Widely used in Ayurvedic medicine, it is known for its naturally sweet taste and rejuvenating properties. Nugavila Ceylon King Coconut Water is sourced from traditional farming estates where the palms are cultivated using sustainable and ethical farming practices and picked individually at the perfect time to ensure the tastiest and most nutrient rich coconut water. One-hundred percent natural and free of sweeteners, Nugavila Ceylon Organic King Coconut Water is a drink of heaven.
Brand: Nugavila Ceylon
Place of Origin: Sri Lanka
Grade: 6-7KG
Minimum Order Quantity: 2000 Units
Seller: Nugavila Ceylon Holdings PVT LTD

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Processing Time: 2-3 Weeks
Port: Colombo
Supplier Ability: 13000
Packing Details: 6 Nuts Pack in a BOX
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Seller: Nugavila Ceylon Holdings PVT LTD     [View Seller Profile]

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Country: Sri Lanka