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Organic Cinnamon

FOB Price: 1 USD / Gram (Negotiable)
Pure Ceylon Cinnamon: A Global Branded Product Ceylon cinnamon has a soft fine appearance. Sweet, delicate and brittle with a hazel brown hue it can be rolled in the shape of a cigar. It is an exquisite spice richer, healthier and more aromatic in flavour compared to other types of cinnamon that is grown in other countries. This is due to the ultra-low level of coumarin it contains compared to all other types of cinnamon. Coumarin is a toxic substance that can cause liver damage if consumed in high amounts. This is why Ceylon cinnamon is described as ‘pure’ and it has been introduced as a branded product named: Pure Ceylon Cinnamon to the global market for the high position it holds as a spice with a myriad of health benefits.
Brand: Dtriangle
Place of Origin: Sri Lanka
Grade: Alba, C5 Special, C5, C4, M5, M4, H1, H2, Quilling No 1, Quilling No 2, Cinnamon Chips
Minimum Order Quantity: As per customer request
Seller: D Triangle (Pvt) Ltd

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International Grades

Ceylon cinnamon is graded according to the diameter of the quills and to the level of foxing (discoloring) of the outer layer. The grades are not a distinction of taste.

Alba – Maximum Diameter – 6mm : The finest grade is Alba which is extremely thin and has no broken pieces or fillings inside. Also there is no foxing at all. It is prized as the most expensive product.

C5 Special – Maximum Diameter – 6mm : This grade of Ceylon cinnamon is also popular after Alba for its character and quality with a slight difference in thickness.



C5 – Maximum Diameter – 10mm : This grade of Ceylon cinnamon is another popular and sought after cinnamon, lower in thickness compared to Mexican grades.

C4 – Maximum Diameter – 16mm : This grade of Ceylon cinnamon also comes under the category of fine cinnamon.


Mexican Grade

M5 – Maximum Diameter – 18mm : This grade of Ceylon cinnamon has a darker brown shade and a rougher surface compared to the continental grades mentioned previously. This grade contains 60% of superficial foxing.

M4 – Maximum Diameter – 19mm : This grade of Ceylon cinnamon comes under the category of fine cinnamon with similar properties to that of M5. This grade also contains 60% of superficial foxing.


Hamburg Grade

H1 – Maximum Diameter – 23mm : This grade of cinnamon is the result of over matured bark reaped later in the plantations. It is made of the components of heavy cinnamon bark with heavy foxing of 25%.

H2 – Maximum Diameter – 25mm – This grade of cinnamon comprises of the tougher bark of the cinnamon plant. This contains 40% of heaving foxing.

Quilling No 1 – Broken pieces of varying sizes of all grades of cinnamon quills.

Quilling No 2 – Broken pieces of varying sizes of all grades of cinnamon quills and chips.

Cinnamon Chips – Finely ground Ceylon cinnamon powder is 300 mesh.

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Port: Colombo
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Packing Details: Well packaged with maximum protection
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Seller: D Triangle (Pvt) Ltd     [View Seller Profile]

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Country: Sri Lanka