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Freight Forwarding

FOB Price: 1200 USD
In LF Logistics, Freight Forwarding takes on a new meaning. It is more than moving goods from one place to the other. To be your freight forwarding partner, we help you to “ship better”. We connect origins and destinations in your supply chain flexibly and responsively.
Brand: LF Logistics
Place of Origin: United States
Minimum Order Quantity: 2 shipments
Seller: LF Logistics Pvt Ltd

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To do this well, we provide a wide range of integrated, scalable, and cost-efficient sea, air, ground, inter-modal, and customs brokerage services, which would meet the world class key performance indicators. Flawless execution and multi-level visibility are key to our service level.

In addition, the difference is made by our intelligent shipping planning and decision capability. We examine and validate shipping models and methods based on rigorous application of analytics.

Experience the smart freight forwarding your supply chain deserves.

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Seller: LF Logistics Pvt Ltd     [View Seller Profile]

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