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Ceylon Infinitea - Pure Ceylon Tea - Golden Tips

FOB Price: 27 USD
The Golden Tips The Top grade of white teas mostly harvesting from the tea gardens especially located surrounding the universally famous Peak "Sri Padaya" or Adam's Peak. The unique red clone of Camellia Sinensis plant growing healthy over an altitude of 1800 meters. These precious new tips are handpicked carefully before they turn to into leaves and baked them under fare sunlight at the right heat and up to it becomes the perfect Golden Tip. Ceylon Infinitea uses the best quality Golden Tips of our products and presents you with the highest quality Golden tip
Brand: Ceylon Infinitea - Avalon - Vigour
Place of Origin: Sri Lanka
Grade: Golden Tips
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Seller: Ceylon Infinitea

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Taste; Refreshingly soul healing, absolutely lighter mellow flavour from Avalon Vigour. 

Colour; Flickreringly Honeyed Golden colour in a white porcelain teacup.

Best before; Consume within 1 year from the manufacture date.

Contains; Golden Tips (100% Handpicked Ceylon Tea + Sundried).

Pack weight; 50 Grams tea - (2g x 25 sachets = 50g pouch pack).

How to Make a nice cup of tea; Open a 2 grams aluminium tea sachet for a cup of tea, brew in boiled water for few minutes (3 to 5 minutes) before drink, use porcelain tea sets for best results. Avalon-Vigour could drink like ice tea., to make ice tea you can infuse few tea sachets for the desired amount of filtered boiled water, and after brewing let it settle down for normal temperature and keep them in a refrigerator to make best ice tea in light gold colour. No sugar or any extra adding needed for all Avalon marks

Processing Time: 7 days
Port: Colombo
Supplier Ability: 500 ( On large quantity requirements all negotiable)
Packing Details: Regular pack is 50 grams tea weight inclusive of 25 x 2 grams tea sachets. For large quantities re-pack in a master carton.
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Seller: Ceylon Infinitea     [View Seller Profile]

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Country: Sri Lanka