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Coconut and Coconut based Products


Something about Coconut and Coconut based Products

Coconut is one of the major plantation crops in Sri Lanka, which accounts for approximately 12% of all agricultural produce and Sri Lanka is the 4th largest coconut and coconut-based products manufacturer in the world. Sri Lanka Coconut products have a significant share in the world coconut market mainly through the supply of Desiccated Coconut (DC). The coconut development act and many other government authorities govern the Sri Lankan Coconut Industry.

Coconut exporters in Sri Lanka cultivate a total land extent of 395,000 hectares of coconut and about 2,500 million nuts are harvested per year.

Sri Lanka Coconut products exports consists of fresh and dried coconut products, including Virgin Coconut Oil, Desiccated Coconut, Coconut Milk, Coconut Water, Coconut Skimmed Milk, Coconut Cream, Fresh King Coconut and Coconut Chips. Every part of the coconut produces a valuable bi-product.

Coconut Water Sri Lanka is another coconut product exported by the coconut products exporters in Sri Lanka. Coconut water Sri Lanka includes, bottled coconut water, coconut vinegar and king coconut water. Drinking coconut water helps quicken digestion and prevents bloating after meals. King coconut is a sub- class of coconut and unlike coconut, the King Coconut is consumed for its tastier water. This water consists of natural sucrose, fructose and glucose, much like green coconut water. Like coconut water, king coconut water also improves metabolism and clears up your urinary path.

Coconut milk creates an irresistible flavor in cuisines and coconut exporters in Sri Lanka cater to this demand by exporting variations of coconut milk in the form of coconut cream, coconut milk and coconut milk powder.

. There are 3 major categories of Sri Lanka coconut products, manufactured for the world market by the coconut products exporters in Sri Lanka.
  • Coconut kernel products
  • Coconut fiber products
  • Coconut shell products
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