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Sugar Dress Confectionery Lace Mix by Martellato

FOB Price: 32.98 USD
Create a lace effect decoration for your cake or cupcake Just add water to the two ingredients, mix well and spread it on your silicone lace mats Elastic and resistant to avoid breakage during the demolding or positioning on the cake
Brand: Martellato
Place of Origin: United States
Certification: all products are certified for exports
Minimum Order Quantity: 1000
Seller: LTA International Global Services LLC

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Sugar Dress Confectionery Lace Mix 500 Grams (1.16 Pounds) by MartellatoSugar Dress is a product that provides a lace effect decoration in several motifs for your cakes. ... Furthermore the decoration maintains a clear white color and it's possible to customize by adding some other colors.

Processing Time: immediately
Port: Port of Houston
Supplier Ability: can provide large quantities
Packing Details: cardboard cartons pelleted and bubble warped
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Seller: LTA International Global Services LLC     [View Seller Profile]

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Country: United States