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Pure Ceylon Organic Black tea, Orange Pekoe A (OPA)

FOB Price: 1.95 USD / Gram
Loose leaf · From Dimbulla region · Fairtrade certified · USDA Organic certified · European Organic certified Exult in the deliciousness of this light flavoured black tea from the region of Dimbulla that is known for its amazing high grown teas. The tea is sourced from a single estate which has been producing exceptional teas for the past 130 years. The Harrington Estate, where this tea is sourced, is a certified organic tea estate that uses traditional cow manure and decomposed plant matter to grow its organic teas. These teas are harvested using only manual labour where growers handpick the buds and leaves. This organic Orange Pekoe A (OP A) Black tea consists of long and bold leaves that give a light flavour and a light colour creating a mellow tea for those with a sensitive palate.
Brand: Teakruthi
Place of Origin: Sri Lanka
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Seller: Uni World Teas(Pvt)Ltd

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High caffeine, 45-55mg per cup (6 oz)


Tasting notes


Hint of floral


Light orange


Mellow, light

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Port: Colombo
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Packing Details: Well Packaged in a Pouch
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Seller: Uni World Teas(Pvt)Ltd     [View Seller Profile]

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Country: Sri Lanka