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Fuel Magic Super Fuel Saver is a proprietary fuel additive for all gasoline and diesel fuels that saves several times its cost in fuel savings alone while significantly reducing exhaust pollution.

FOB Price: 27000 USD / Milliliter
Super concentrated self-blending non-hazmat additive for all gasoline and diesel fuels that offers a substantial increase in fuel economy with a significant decrease in exhaust pollution. Treatment ratio is 1:3000 for diesel and 1:5000 for gasoline. Fuel Magic also improves the efficiency of the combustion chamber by removing hardened combustion deposits and increasing lubricity. Fuel Magic increases the lifetime of the engine by reducing the need for cylinder block overhauls.
Brand: Fuel Magic Super Fuel Saver
Place of Origin: United States
Certification: United States EPA registry #207120001
Minimum Order Quantity: 9000 bottles / 60ml.
Seller: Fuel Magic Inc.

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Fuel Magic is super concentrated so only a small amount is needed to treat larger quantities of fuel.  Fuel Magic is non-hazmat and offers a long shelf life.

Processing Time: 14 days
Port: Los Angeles
Supplier Ability: immediate
Packing Details: 45 cases of 200 / 60ml.bottles per case
Seller: Fuel Magic Inc.     [View Seller Profile]

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Country: United States