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FOB Price: 0.48 USD / Piece (Negotiable)
Aasmi Festive Sweets
Brand: Kavum Kokis
Place of Origin: Sri Lanka
Grade: A
Minimum Order Quantity: 500 Pieces
Seller: Kavum limited

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Served with thick sugary syrup, though this sweet easily melts in your mouth, it’s certainly not easy to prepare it. The batter for this Sri Lankan sweet is made using rice flour and coconut milk along with a dash of the juice of the cinnamon leaves. Once batter is ready, it is poured on the hot oil with the help of a punctured coconut shell spoon to make a web-like design.


rice flour

 Dauli cinnamon

refined oil as required

coconut milk



food color




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Port: Colombo
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Packing Details: Boxes
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Seller: Kavum limited     [View Seller Profile]

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Country: Sri Lanka