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Oranda Gold Fish

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The oranda goldfish (Carassius gibelio forma auratus) also known as the Red Cap is an artificially cultivated breed from the widely known aquarium goldfish (Carassius auratus). They belong to the Cyprinidae family and are believed to have originated in China; there are even earlier mentions going back to 15th century. Its origins are still under debate, but the majority of taxonomists agree that these fish are a product of crossbreeding.
Brand: Aquatic Life
Place of Origin: Sri Lanka
Grade: High
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Seller: Aquatic Life Aquarium & Nursery

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Orandas are easily recognized by their cap (a series of outgrowths on their head). The cap is a distinctive feature of this species and is also known as the ‘wen’. This usually doesn’t fully develop until they are around 2 years old.

This species of fancy Goldfish has a huge variety in color: black, red, black with white dots, blue, black with grey gradient, red with orange-yellowish spots, white and many others.

Outgrowths cover its entire head, except for the eyes and the mouth. The size and the ‘richness’ of the cap depends on their living conditions. Their eyes are large and usually slightly protrude above the cap.

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