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Coco peat 25Kg Bags

FOB Price: 1 USD
25Kg Bags specially designed as most convenient product for commercial growth such as farms, potting mixtures, landscaping and seed generation and also used in Golf course settings for soil conditioner. It is ideal as bedding for as floor layer for animals.
Brand: ADLA
Place of Origin: Sri Lanka
Certification: N/A
Grade: N/A
Minimum Order Quantity: 100
Seller: A.D.Lanka Coco Products (pvt)Ltd.

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Why Use Coco Coir for Growing ?

Feels Like Growing in Soil – Coco coir is a soilless growing medium which gives the experience of growing in soil. Plants are kept in regular pots, and growers simply water their plants with nutrient water. Coco coir can be treated basically the same as soil for growing cannabis.

Great for Plant Roots – Coco coir is effective at holding onto moisture and nutrients. for roots, but also has a lighter texture that lets it hold onto more oxygen. This helps prevent over and underwatering. Coco coir tends to promote healthy and fast root development compared to other potting mixes.

Good for the Environment – Unlike peat, coco coir is sustainable for the environment. It also doesn’t have to be replaced every grow. Instead of breaking down like peat, coco coir is slow to break down and can be used more than once.

Does Not Attract Insects – Coco coir does not make a good home for many garden pests that affect soil growers. Cannabis growing in coco coir are much less likely to be attacked by pests or bugs.

Processing Time: 14 days
Port: Colombo
Supplier Ability: 150 Tons
Packing Details: Customized
Seller: A.D.Lanka Coco Products (pvt)Ltd.     [View Seller Profile]

Regular Seller

Country: Sri Lanka