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Liquid Screen Protector GoGoNano™ Liquid Shield 25ml

FOB Price: 10 USD
Best Liquid Screen Protector GoGoNano™ Liquid Shield – Universal & Anti-Scratch – 25 ml GoGoNano™ Liquid Shield – best liquid screen protector covers the screen of your device with a transparent coating, which protects it against scratches, reduces the marks of fingerprints and makes it easier to clean the screen. Thanks to the new technology, the liquid screen protector is 100% bubble-free, unlike regular plastic screen protectors. It is a water-based, nature-friendly, and biodegradable product. The anti-scratch formula reacts with the surface making it more durable. Liquid shield is a universal product and can be applied on devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, TVs, cameras, lenses, game consoles, and other screens. GoGoNano™ Liquid Shield properties: Resistant to water and chemicals Anti-static Anti-adhesive Easy to clean Transparent Preventing glass corrosion Renewable Protection lasts up to 12 months! Recommended to re-apply after 3-6 months or after protection is wearing off.
Brand: GoGoNano
Place of Origin: Estonia
Grade: A-grade
Minimum Order Quantity: 150
Seller: Digital Trade Solutions Ltd

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GoGoNano™ Liquid Shield Anti-Scratch Liquid Shield Screen Protector – Strong and Universal!

  • Makes the device 10 times more scratch resistant
  • Can be used for a number of devices
  • As a result colors on screen look vivid, clear and bright
  • The anti-scratch formula comes with special anti-bacterial feature that does not allow the dirt to get stuck on display

Shelf life: 2 years.

Processing Time: 2 days
Port: Tallinn
Supplier Ability: 1000
Packing Details: Full retail package including protector, microfiber cloth and microfiber sticker
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Seller: Digital Trade Solutions Ltd     [View Seller Profile]

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Country: Estonia