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Virgin Coconut Oil

FOB Price: 1 USD / Milliliter (Negotiable)
The main distinction between regular and virgin coconut oil lies in the making and extraction. Virgin oil is extracted from coconut milk got from fresh coconuts. Then it undergoes several processes like fermentation, churning (centrifugal separation), refrigeration and the enzyme actions after this oil is parted from moisture.
Brand: Janajaya Coconut Products
Place of Origin: Sri Lanka
Certification: ISO 22000 / HACCP
Grade: USDA Organic
Minimum Order Quantity: As per Customer Req
Seller: Janajaya Coconut Products Private Limited

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The raw materials and process of extraction of virgin oil do not allow any usage of heat. So, it is potent to take extreme care while selecting the kernel and raw ingredient coconut milk should not be exposed to heat or sunlight throughout the complete process. Sometimes virgin coconut oil is made directly by cold compression of fresh dried coconut meal called micro expelling.


Virgin coconut oil obtained by cold compression method is considered far better than that extracted by the fermentation method. As the oil obtained by fermentation has high moisture content and can get spoiled faster. During winter season if you need to melt the oil, take oil in a small glass and place the glass in warm water, never melt it directly on the heat.

Virgin coconut oil has a unique taste and cologne which is heaped with a whopping amount of essential fatty acids and antioxidants. This liquid gold provides you with a host of medicinal and therapeutic properties.

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Port: Colombo
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Packing Details: Glass Jar
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Seller: Janajaya Coconut Products Private Limited     [View Seller Profile]

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Country: Sri Lanka