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100% Natural Ceylon Vanilla Powder. Queens of the spice world & second most valuable spice in the world. Vanilla Planifolia is a species of Vanilla orchid.

FOB Price: 10 USD / Gram (Negotiable)
100% Natural Ceylon Vanilla Beans. "Queen of the Spice World & Second Most Valuable Spice in the World". Ceylon Natural Vanilla comes from Up Country Home Gardens of Sri Lanka with Highly Organic Farming Practices. vanilla planifolia is a species of vanilla orchid. It is one of the primary sources for vanilla flavouring, due to its high vanillin content. Nowadays in Sri Lanka Natural Vanilla is an economically important crop because it is the main and only source of producing Vanillin naturally and Vanilla is the second most expensive spice in the world. Sri Lanka is one of the successful grower of Vanilla and Curing Vanilla naturally which consists of a higher Vanillin percentage and a good aroma than other Vanilla growing countries in the world. As a Tropical country and the favorable weather conditions in Sri Lanka is the reason of producing superior grades of Ceylon Vanilla which has a higher demand in both local and international markets. **Grade A ( Gourmate/Premium Grade) - Naturally cured Vanilla pods which has a length between 15 cm to 17.5 cm and has an inherited aroma. Generally, Vanilla Beans are dark brown to black in color and have a shiny oily surface, cleanliness is 100% and moisture content is around 25% to 30%. **Grade B - The length of a cured pod is lower than 15 cm and the quality and aroma are slightly lower than Grade A. Moisture content are around 30% to 35%.
Brand: True Cinnamon (Pvt) Ltd.,
Place of Origin: Sri Lanka
Grade: Grade A,Grade B, Grade C (Gourmate/Premium/Prime)
Minimum Order Quantity: 10
Seller: True Cinnamon (Pvt) Ltd.,

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Grade : Grade A,Grade B,Grade C(Gourmate/Premium/Prime)
Length :16cm - 17.5cm
Colour : Dark Brown
Moisture Content : 25% - 35%
Flavour Profile : Creamy,Strong,Full,Rich,Fairly Soured.
Vanilla Content : 1.7% to 2%

Processing Time: 12 Days
Port: Walasmulla
Supplier Ability: 500 units
Packing Details: Vacuum sealed polythene pack
Seller: True Cinnamon (Pvt) Ltd.,     [View Seller Profile]

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Country: Sri Lanka