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Buying Request: We need Rubber, having quality.

Rubber is a material, which can stretch and shrink. It is a polymer. It can be produced from natural sources (e.g. natural rubber) or can be synthesised on an industrial scale.
Quantity Required: 1-2 FCLs per month
Packaging Required:
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Type- CP-10, CP-8 CP-6
free fatty acid - 0.1%max in all
Moisture and impurities- 0.1% max in all
Iodine value- 56(cp-10), 57(cp-8), 60(cp-6)
Slip melting point- 24 max(cp-10,cp-8), 19max(cp-6)
Colour 5.25inch- 3 or 6 red max in all
Cloud point- 10 max (cp-10), 8 max (cp-8), 6 max (cp-6)