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Agent / Partner Details : Chinese International Economic Cooperation Association (CIECA)

Chinese International Economic Cooperation Association (CIECA)

Chinese International Economic Cooperation Association (also known as CIECA) was founded by the late Dr. Jeffrey L. S. Koo on August 9, 2000 to promote international economic cooperation through collaboration of R.O.C. businessmen and private business organizations with their counterparts in foreign countries. CIECA is composed of members including companies in the manufacturing, services and high-tech industries as well as renowned corporations and non-profit organizations working together to expand our nation's international relations, promote economic and trade cooperation and facilitate technological exchange. Chairman Henry Kao of I-Mei Foods Co. Ltd. was elected as board chairman. Mr. Walter H.C. Chang, Mr. Robert Ouyoung, Mr. Jeff Sun, Mr. Chien, Han-Sun and Mr. Fred P. C. Huang currently serve as vice chairmen. Mr. H. Steve Hsieh is serving as supervisor's convener. CIECA's vice chairmen also serve on the Continental Affairs Committee. The chairman of CIECA invites business leaders or professionals with international experience to serve on the committee. The national committee chairman will also serve as our chairman of the bilateral economic cooperation conference whose term of office will terminate with the concurrent Board of Directors. CIECA has signed memoranda of understanding and established friendly, cooperative relations with 149 industry and commerce groups in 98 countries. We hold more than 50 bilateral economic cooperation conferences each year. We frequently conduct various economic and business opportunities seminars to assist businesses in Taiwan to gain international business opportunities, develop new markets and engage in global expansion. The main tasks of each department are: Europe Department The Europe Department, in coordination with the government's 5+2 Industrial Transformation Plan, conducts in depth discussions on bilateral issues with various nations and in conjunction with major exhibitions. The current focus is on Offshore Wind Power, Biotech and Medicine, Industry 4.0/Smart Manufacturing, Smart City, Food Machinery and Products, Industrial Design,etc. to remain close with the demands of business communities and future industrial trends. Strengthening and deepening cooperation on these issues will enhance industrial growth and competitiveness. Latin America & Africa Department The Latin America & Africa Department organizes investment and procurement missions, primarily those to diplomatic allies of Taiwan. Cooperating with emigrant Taiwanese entrepreneurs, the missions make surveys of local business opportunities, in particular the sectors and projects which the embassies or representative offices report having competitive advantage, to bring about tangible results. South Asia and the Middle East also fall under the mandate of the Latin America & Africa Department. As India and Taiwan complement each other well in electronics, both sides have been moving toward deeper cooperation in recent years. Asia-Pacific Department The Asia-Pacific Department, in coordination with the government's New Southbound Policy operates jointly with local governments and friendly associations to assist domestic businesses and Asia-Pacific states to promote investments, techniques and commerce. Biotech and Medicine, Green Energy Technologies, Advanced Farming and Smart Industries are the main issues for cooperation. Administrative Department The Administrative Department is in charge of all the administrative, personnel, finance and other general affairs.

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