Polydime International Pvt) Ltd

Polydime International Pvt) Ltd

122 Stratford Avenue, Colombo 6, Sri Lanka




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The Polydime group is a family owned establishment associated with the Plastics industry for over 2 decades. The company has a diverse portfolio of 6 product groups processed in three factories in Sri Lanka and one in India. Employing over 600 staff, servicing the local market and export to 35 countries both directly and indirectly. Polydime is the largest processor of recycled plastic with the full value chain from waste collection to end product processing and distribution. The company has its own innovation center for product development with the future in mind INNOVATION has been a key driver in our success and a significant part of our turnover has been reinvested into product innovation. The company has a dedicated innovation center that focuses on new and existing product development based on potential, affordability and existing technology requirements. Our innovation center is responsible for Polydime’s success in winning the 2019 Award for Innovation presented by the Sri Lanka Institute of Packaging for Innovation on heavy duty UV treated plastic substraits for Cocopeat.